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Top Reader Picks in 2023


SKYGEN shares a lot of insight into the specialty benefits market and trends in our Knowledge Center and on social media. As we wrap up the year, we always like to see what caught the attention of our customers and visitors to our website and social channels as a cue to topics they find most relevant.

Here’s a quick look at our most popular content in 2023: 

  • Our tome on digital self-service tools, Power Your Digital Engagement Strategy With SKYGEN Portals, was our most popular eBook in 2023. That’s no surprise: Digital self-service continues to trend across all aspects of modern life, including healthcare and specialty benefits. For payers ready to connect with their stakeholders online, SKYGEN offers standalone and integrated portal solutions that power user-driven experiences with commercial, government and individual dental and vision plans. SKYGEN’s portals enable payers to accelerate a digital strategy that increases member, provider, group and broker engagement and satisfaction. 


  • Another eBook, 5 Technologies That Transform Medicaid Dental & Vision Programs, also made our top topics list as readers sought strategic advice for achieving success in the dental and vision commercial, Medicaid and Medicare markets. Because SKYGEN continues to enhance our benefits administration platform and we use it on a daily basis for our third-party administration clients, we have decades of expertise and continual improvement baked into our workflow and software. From self-service portals to benefits automation to member mobile apps and more, these innovative technologies are enabling payers to innovate their business to increase efficiency, and satisfaction in members and providers. 


  • Though it was just recently released, SKYGEN’s Pulse 2023 Report is also trending.  Developed in coordination with Hanover Research, SKYGEN’s 2023 Pulse Report offers insights based on 5,000 U.S. consumer responses to queries about their thoughts on specialty providers, utilization of benefits, and the value of dental and vision insurance.  One of the most interesting findings is that consumer perception about the value of dental and vision coverage is a wildcard in their healthcare decision-making processes. To delve into this, download our free report.


  • In 2023 we continued to follow rapid membership changes in the Medicaid market following the end of the public health emergency. Throughout these changes we supported our clients with flexible benefits administration and a commitment to keeping compliance at the core of our operations. We found that viewers appreciated our concise take on the essential aspects of Medicaid plans to focus on in the video, Five Keys to Transforming Medicaid


  • Finally, we were delighted to see that readers engaged with posts by our employees and the blog on our 2023 Summit and 30-Year Anniversary. We celebrated community and people in these light-hearted posts, and it was great to see others celebrate with us.


Here’s to a prosperous and happy 2024 for us all!

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