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Technology & Service Testimonials

At SKYGEN, we help clients transform the delivery of specialty benefits through innovative tech solutions.

I’m evaluating different software systems, and I’ve never seen any with as much flexibility in their adjudication as the Enterprise System.

The more I learn and have hands-on experience in SKYGEN, the more excited I become. The system provides an unbelievable amount of configuration capabilities and functionalities…far more than I could have imagined possible.

The transparency of SKYGEN’s technology platform is a huge strength.

SKYGEN captured billing errors that saved our facility over $400,000 or more during the first year.

I have been very impressed with SKYGEN’s ability to customize their platform to truly meet our needs.

The speed in which the team at SKYGEN can react with the technology makes them very attractive.

Partnership Testimonials

With a strong focus on partnership, we elevate and advance the delivery of specialty benefits.

I view SKYGEN as a member of our team and part of our company.

SKYGEN and the folks that we work with have a great attitude and bring a lot of excitement to our relationship.

The team at SKYGEN has delivered the very best partner experience I’ve had in the last 30 years. They have proven to be well-endowed with integrity, personal responsibility, and human relationship skills.

Our partnership with SKYGEN started over six years ago and has evolved into a venue for shared goals that benefit our providers and members. SKYGEN is by far the best dental Third Party Administrator across the nation.

SKYGEN has been an effective business partner in helping recover from an unexpected and difficult situation early in our relationship. I'm pleased with the responsiveness and professionalism of SKYGEN's staff and their drive to turn things around.

I enjoy working with SKYGEN and appreciate the relationships we have built. My goal is to expand support across other health plans.

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