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Self-service Portals

SKYGEN's Portal Solutions power dental and vision benefits administration for commercial, government and individual plans, enabling payers to engage with members, providers and brokers online. Integrated with the Enterprise System, our healthcare portals increase efficiency, speed, digital engagement, and overall stakeholder satisfaction while reducing contact center and manual transaction costs. 


Provider Portal

Our innovative Provider Portal enables comprehensive provider data and network management for payers. Online contracting and credentialing capabilities help payers build and maintain a network of high-performing providers in every market. Providers can streamline patient management with the Portal by submitting electronic claims and authorizations, receiving remittance advice reports, viewing fee schedules, verifying patient eligibility and much more.

Member Portal

Our Member Portal enhances member communication and outreach online for both payers and providers. It improves the healthcare consumer experience with mobile-first online access to healthcare benefits. Members can easily find providers who meet their needs, review covered services and claim history, and access educational information at the tips of their fingers.

Group Portal

The Group Portal provides clients with quick, easy access to maintaining member information using simplified member management tools and reports. From any location at any time, clients have instant, secure online access to manage member records, eligibility, and benefit plan coverage, and view invoices and supporting reports.

Broker Portal

Our Broker Portal provides easy 24/7 access to real-time, accurate account information and resources brokers can use to strengthen client relationships and increase satisfaction. The new digital tools streamline administration for both brokers and payers. The Broker Commission Module supports multiple payment options and expedites processes to help brokers get paid sooner.

Individual Enrollment Portal

Our Individual Enrollment Portal creates a simple, guided shopping experience for purchasing and enrolling in a dental and/or vision insurance plan. Self-service features make it fast and convenient for individuals to select a plan and securely manage their account online, increasing member satisfaction while reducing the cost of engagement for payers. 

Power Up with Portals

Digital self-service tools have become the cost of entry in the era of online healthcare. For payers ready to connect with their stakeholders online, SKYGEN offers standalone and integrated portal solutions that power user-driven experiences with commercial, government and individual dental and vision plans. 

Learn how portals can:

  • Personalize the experience for members, providers, groups and brokers 
  • Transform operations to digital workflows
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase efficiency

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