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Revenue Cycle Management

SKYGEN’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is an on-demand solution to help payers lower manual dental benefits administration costs and create a real-time experience for the payer-provider revenue cycle. If you’re considering real-time strategies to drive strategic growth and better provider engagement, SKYGEN’s RCM solution can help you power your path forward.


Payer Benefits

For payers, SKYGEN’s RCM eliminates the expense of receiving, entering and managing paper authorizations. Electronic authorizations can be determined by SKYGEN’s nationwide network of dental consultants within minutes, dramatically reducing the volume of phone inquiries by providers and creating a better overall provider experience.

Provider Benefits

For providers, near real-time authorization determinations help improve the case acceptance rate and related business revenue. Providers can also avoid the hassles of paper-based claims administration, and benefit from faster, more secure direct deposits while also freeing up more time for patient care.

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