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Eyes Wide Open: 5 Key Questions for Identifying the Right Dental and Vision Benefits Administration Partner

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The member experience stands out as a top concern for health plans in today’s healthcare landscape. Though 8 in 10 adult healthcare consumers rate their health insurance as “good” or “excellent”, a majority of insured adults (58%) report having a problem using their health insurance in the past 12 months, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey of consumer experiences. Many of the problems reported were related to claims processing and denials, inadequate provider networks, and pre-authorizations.

Selecting the right specialty benefits administration partner can help insurers be successful in reducing service delivery issues and elevating their member experience. The right partner will provide consistent, reliable service and innovative strategies and tools that enable members to get the most from their health benefits. If it’s time to upgrade your dental or vision plan member experience and operations, ask these questions when you evaluate new partners:

#1. Does this vendor have a proven record of accomplishment of reliability in service delivery? 
Frequent processing errors and inaccuracies, and unplanned system downtime can quickly negate gains in positive member perceptions.

#2. Are compliance and security built into every process?
It can be a heavy lift for healthcare organizations to remain in compliance with ever-evolving state and federal regulations. Your benefits administration partner can support your organization with compliance by taking a proactive approach to regulatory requirements at both the state and federal levels. In addition, knowing your partner adheres to the highest security standards can create peace of mind and help your organization avoid security issues.

#3. Can the vendor demonstrate a high level of customer satisfaction and high rate of customer retention? 
Experiential insights by industry peers can be an excellent litmus test of a potential partner. In addition, high levels of customer satisfaction and retention contribute to the vendor’s business and operational stability.

#4. How often and how much has the vendor invested in innovation?
Another critical question! Not just keeping pace with health industry change but leading it is a sign that a vendor truly understands the business.

#5. Does this vendor have the flexibility to meet your needs today and in the future?
Knowing that a partner can help you scale your dental and vision business predictably and pivot when you need to makes all the difference in your vendor selection.

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