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SKYGEN Invests in the Customer Experience

At the annual SKYGEN Summit, SKYGEN brings together clients and leaders in specialty benefits management and technology to discuss industry trends in dental and vision benefits. This year, we shared the results of our client survey as part of our continued focus on the SKYGEN customer experience. The survey is done annually to uncover opportunities to better serve SKYGEN clients. Participants in the 2021 Client Survey rated their overall satisfaction with SKYGEN as high, using words such as high quality, reliable, efficient and responsive. 

“We appreciate the candid feedback from our clients,” says Jason Grendahl, Chief Client Success Officer at SKYGEN, “and there is always room for improvement. We would like to see our clients’ satisfaction track even higher. In the coming weeks we will be translating the information from the 2021 Client Survey into actionable improvements that will make a measurable impact for our clients.”

SKYGEN created the position of Chief Client Success Officer as part of its continuing investment in its customer experience. Grendahl joined SKYGEN in October 2021. His objective is to more closely integrate the client experience and operations functions. In 2022, clients can expect to push forward with SKYGEN’s solid meeting structure, and will see an even tighter focus on aligning SKYGEN resources with clients’ needs. Grendahl also plans to integrate the voice of the client at the highest levels in new SKYGEN initiatives.


Also at the 2021 Summit, SKYGEN honored eleven clients with a SKYGEN Partnership Award. The Award celebrates successful partnerships and thanks clients for the trust they have placed in SKYGEN’s products, services and team over the years. Seven clients who have been with SKYGEN for 10 or more years, and five who have been with SKYGEN between five and 10 years, were honored with the personalized crystal awards. After meeting virtually for the 2020 Summit, it was a true pleasure to present a majority of the Partnership Awards to SKYGEN clients in person.

“SKYGEN has always been a market leader in innovation, and we want to continue to be the partner that helps clients transform their business and meet business goals,” says Grendahl. “Deep listening with our clients is essential to meeting their current and anticipated needs. We’ll continue to grow with them by listening and understanding their input all along the way.”

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