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Get Ahead of the Market in 2023 with SKYGEN’s Advanced Analytics


By John Schaak, Chief Innovation & Growth Officer

Budget season is already here, and this year, the key question is not how much are we going to spend? but how are we going to spend for the best ROI? 

SKYGEN can help you answer that essential question for 2023. Though our Enhanced Benefit Management & Analytics solution is often used by payers to look back in order to identify fraud, waste and abuse, it can be a forward-looking solution as well. We can help you develop data-informed insight into the future and identify the most strategic ways to focus your spend. 

SKYGEN EBM is one of the most powerful tools you can use to get ahead of the market in the coming year. 


Top 3 Advantages of SKYGEN Analytics

SKYGEN’s EBM solution applies sophisticated analytics in four areas: your markets, your benefit plan, reimbursement models, and provider performance. Our experts use analytics to show you where opportunities exist, so your strategic planning is based on data rather than an educated guess. When you use our analytics to uncover their best direction and SKYGEN automation to act on those opportunities, it's possible to see near-immediate results.

SKYGEN Enhanced Benefit Management & Analytics
SKYGEN Enhanced Benefit Management & Analytics


Why work with SKYGEN?

Here are the top three reasons payers partner with us to inform their planning process:

  • They believe in the value of using data to drive more effective strategy, spending and performance 
  • They’re not equipped with the right resources or enough resources internally to dedicate to this specialized analytics work
  • They want to leverage SKYGEN’s broad and deep expertise. In 30 years at the forefront of the dental benefits industry, our team has seen some of the toughest challenges and helped develop the most innovative, custom solutions

The more I learn and have hands-on experience in SKYGEN, the more excited I become. The system provides an unbelievable amount of configuration capabilities and functionalities…far more than I could have imagined possible.

The speed in which the team at SKYGEN can react with the technology makes them very attractive.

Take Advantage of Our Free Market Assessment  

SKYGEN offers payers a chance to engage in a dental market assessment at no cost. This top-line look at your market includes data collection, assessment and analysis, and reporting. You will receive actionable ideas and recommendations, and gain a sense of what you could expect with SKYGEN’s EBM solution.

dental market assessment


In addition, when you engage SKYGEN’s EBM solution, there is no up-front fee. With SKYGEN’s shared risk approach to analytics, we only earn based on the benefit you achieve. 

While other consultants highlight missteps after the fact, SKYGEN can help you get on the right track to meeting your goals. Which direction would you rather take?

To learn more, download our fact sheet or contact us today. 


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