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Top 3 Ways to Boost Health Plan Member Satisfaction with Technology

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With member satisfaction with health plans declining year over year, insurers must adapt to changing member preferences and behaviors to grow plan membership. To help insurers get a grasp on consumers’ needs and desires with dental and vision plans, we did the research. SKYGEN’s PULSE 2023 Report offers insights you can use to be selective in your investments in member engagement and satisfaction. Here are three strategies to consider:


Based on research with 5,000 consumers ages 26 and above across the U.S., PULSE 2023 is a comprehensive study of consumer perceptions about dental and vision insurance coverage.  


#1. Increase customization and personalization.
A  one-size-fits-all approach to dental and vision plans falls short of meeting consumer expectations. They want more diverse benefits offerings, personalization in their healthcare journey, and the ability to customize dental and vision plans to fit their need.

Consumers are interested in buying experience improvements:

  • 40% would like more choices in dental and vision coverage options
  • 64% want easier access to more comprehensive information about dental and vision plans

How can SKYGEN help? We empower insurers to synchronize plans with evolving expectations and deliver personalized experiences for consumers, members, and their families through our comprehensive dental and vision benefits Third Party Administration (TPA) and Software as a Service (SaaS) Benefits Automation solutions. In addition, you can deploy SKYGEN’s portal solutions to seamlessly offer an end-to-end digital journey for future plan members, from plan comparisons, purchase and enrollment to managing their dental and vision benefits online. 

#2. Increase access to providers. 
Only about 50% of PULSE 2023 participants rate their dental or visual health as good or excellent, with one out of every five having resorted to emergency room visits for dental treatment. That’s a costly proposition for insurers. 

4 in 10 consumers say increased provider accessibility would improve their dental/vision care experiences.

With SKYGEN, insurers can overcome provider access challenges with solutions that help to:

  • ensure members have access to expanded networks of quality providers. Providers can easily find and join networks and take care of credentialing fast and efficiently with the SKYGEN Dental Hub™.
  • enable members to search for and find nearby providers who offer the most appropriate and efficient care, which can create better member experiences. The Enhanced Find-A-Provider in SKYGEN’s Provider Select Suite uses both proximity and provider ratings to direct members to these providers.  

In areas with fewer providers, SKYGEN helps insurers establish access through integrated, virtual on-demand dental services. This offering can mitigate disparities in both rural and urban settings, and create a more cost-effective alternative to emergency room visits.


#3. Enhance digital connectivity. With so much of today’s life lived via smartphones and screens, it’s no surprise that 55% of PULSE 2023 respondents say digital connectivity can improve their dental and vision member experiences.  Web portals and mobile apps are regarded as essential tools for enhancing member experiences by providing convenience and efficiency.

SKYGEN helps insurers connect with members via member web portals and the SKYGEN member mobile app. These tools can increase member engagement and overall satisfaction by: 

  • Putting control in members’ hands
  • Increasing their access to information
  • Enabling them to manage their benefits online

Insurers can also push appointment reminders and health education information to members, and collect feedback data to use in improving the plan.


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