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Take Your Dental Plan from Vanilla to Visionary in 2022

A dental plan is the benefit everyone wants, but rarely do people rave about their dental insurance. In a market that could be considered vanilla, just 55% of dental plan members surveyed by AHIP say they are satisfied. What would it take to get members energized about their dental benefits? What would it take to make your plan really stand out to employers?

Digital transformation can be the starting point for improving satisfaction and capturing more market share. Too often though, payers don’t have a clear vision for their digital transformation strategy, and that keeps them from realizing the value of digital for dental. For payers ready to dive into innovation, SKYGEN recommends analytics-based benefit management.


Dental Benefit Program Data Gets Exciting

SKYGEN’s Enhanced Benefit Management program (EBM) uses sophisticated analytics to take a deep look at dental programs to uncover opportunities for payers to spend less and/or spend differently and align their program with their strategic objectives. SKYGEN’s EBM clients have a designated SKYGEN consultant who can recommend the right types of analysis for your plan and a tailored plan of action based on the data.  

SKYGEN’s Enhanced Benefit Management program covers:

  • Market Analysis – Are your members getting preventive care instead of restorative care? Are members accessing the program? Are there opportunities for your program to lead the market? SKYGEN looks at the performance of your dental program to provide data-driven answers these questions.  
  • Provider Analysis – Do you know which providers in your network are delivering the most appropriate and efficient care? Or those that operate in alignment with the best interests of your program? SKYGEN uses analytics to identify providers who are high-performing, and those who are over- or under-treating patients. SKYGEN helps you recognize top providers and initiate the appropriate intervention for outliers. The overall result reduces costs as well as fraud, waste and abuse while increasing the incentive for quality dental care and member satisfaction.
  • Benefit Plan Analysis – SKYGEN analyzes your program and makes recommendations on benefit changes that would optimize the plan.  Your SKYGEN consultant can develop strategies aimed at improvement or at a new custom benefit plan that can be implemented by your internal team or by SKYGEN. 
  • Reimbursement Analysis – SKYGEN analyzes reimbursement at the provider and the program levels and can develop strategies to ensure program dollars are being spent in the most efficient and effective manner.

No Risk with SKYGEN’s Shared Savings Approach

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Payers already have a good handle on what’s current and visible with their dental plans. SKYGEN’s EBM concentrates on uncovering the invisible and planning for the future. These analytics are the backbone of a digital transformation strategy. They set the stage for dental plans to become the Plan of Choice by improving member and provider satisfaction and reducing costs. They also support a digital strategy to sustain your dental program well into the future.

Unlike traditional consulting models, SKYGEN offers a shared savings approach. We ask only for  a percentage of your dental program’s overall savings. If there are no savings, there is no fee.

SKYGEN’s Enhanced Benefit Management and Analytics is the data-driven approach to digital transformation in a constantly-changing industry. We bring together the dental industry expertise, years of experience and data analytics to deliver the results payers strive for. 


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