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SKYGEN’S New Individual Enrollment Portal Increases Member Satisfaction and Drives Down Specialty Benefits Costs

SKYGEN is helping payers meet dental and vision plan members where they are – online – with a new individual enrollment portal. As the demand for individual dental benefit plans in trends up, payers are turning to digital engagement to keep costs down for more affordable plans, and to drive member satisfaction up. Healthcare consumers can use the simple, guided shopping experience on SKYGEN’s Individual Enrollment Portal to purchase and enroll in a dental and/or vision insurance plan.


Demand for individual dental insurance grew
32% between 2017 and 2021. 

Source: NADP Consumer Survey Dental Health & Benefits, February 2021 


A Modern Digital Consumer Experience

SKYGEN’s Individual Enrollment Portal transforms the way healthcare consumers engage with individual benefits plans. The portal’s self-service features make it convenient and less time-consuming for individuals to  

  • Shop, compare and purchase different dental and vision insurance plans on their preferred device - desktop, table or mobile  
  • Securely manage their insurance plan account 

The connected, personalized experience is designed to increase members’ satisfaction with their benefits and plan provider.


Reducing the Costs of Engagement

For payers, rising member enrollment represents both opportunity and challenge. SKYGEN’s Individual Enrollment Portal helps payers leverage growth opportunities by increasing plan administration efficiency and speed while reducing the costs of handling calls and paper transactions. Contact center volume and costs are reduced as members use the portal to view and manage their plan. The Individual Portal is integrated with SKYGEN’s Enterprise System, making it seamlessly available to payers using SKYGEN’s third-party administration (TPA) services or SaaS automation.  


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Focus on Digital Relationships

With the Individual Enrollment Portal SKYGEN continues to enhance payers’ ability to connect with consumers digitally across benefit plan markets. Payers that partner with SKYGEN on employer-sponsored commercial plans can drive members’ online access to health benefits and satisfaction with self-serve features available through the Member Web Portal and Member Mobile App. SKYGEN’s Individual Enrollment Portal enables payers to offer many of these same advantages to individuals purchasing their own dental or vision insurance.

Learn how you can transform the delivery of health benefits with SKYGEN.