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SKYGEN’s New Broker Portal Elevates Digital Connectivity

As a trusted authority on dental and vision plans, brokers have an essential role in the benefits market. SKYGEN’s new Broker Portal empowers them to strengthen their relationships with clients and elevate client satisfaction. The portal gives brokers easy 24/7 access to resources and information they can use to improve client account management. New digital tools streamline administration for both brokers and payers, and help brokers get paid sooner. 

Brokers can use the portal to view real-time, accurate account information, including:

  • commission information
  • online forms
  • enrollment tools
  • plan summaries
  • payment notices

In addition, the Broker Commission Module supports multiple payment features such as: 

  • commission schedule flexibility, allowing brokers to set varied rates for different members
  • tiered commission schedules, which provide brokers with a percentage of premiums on a tiered basis
  • one-time payments with a waiting period
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The Broker Portal is designed to help brokers and payers improve efficiency by reducing the administrative work and costs of phone calls, emails and other manual workflows. It is integrated with SKYGEN’s SaaS benefits automation platform, which helps healthcare stakeholders create digital relationships and automate benefits administration workflows. 

To learn more about SKYGEN’s SaaS benefits automation platform, view the highlights video, or get in touch with a SKYGEN specialty benefits expert today.

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