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SKYGEN Releases Dental and Vision Benefits Industry Outlook

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What are the driving forces behind the transformation of specialty benefits? That’s a top-of-mind question for SKYGEN, and one of the key reasons we took a deeper dive into consumer perceptions.

Now, we’re pleased to share our outlook on the road ahead for dental and vision insurers. We believe these are the essential questions for insurers and specialty benefits stakeholders to examine:

  • How can insurers stay competitive in the ever-changing market?
  • In the Medicaid space, is there a comprehensive strategy insurers can deploy to advance value-based care and improve health equity?
  • What are consumers looking for in the Medicare Advantage market?
  • Are mobile health apps worth the investment?
  • How will changing workforce demographics in the dental industry impact Medicaid dental?

Our latest e-Book is a look into the five trends shaping the future of specialty benefits. Download it now for invaluable insights and expert predictions. 


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