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SKYGEN International Foundation Advances Vision & Dental Care in Tanzania & Kenya

African boy getting eye exam

2023 was a milestone year for the SKYGEN International Foundation! We provided vision testing to the 226,357th person, and the 56,000th pair of glasses at no cost to people in need in Tanzania and Kenya. Read about our mission.

The charter project that began in 2018 with mobile vision testing and the ability to provide immediate prescription eyeglasses has grown to include a permanent local staff for mobile clinics, stronger local partnerships, the addition of dental screenings and outreach education, and perhaps most exciting, the establishment of a second permanent vision clinic in Maji ya Chai, Tanzania.

In this 2-minute video, Foundation Executive Director Lisa Sweeney tells the story of SKYGEN’s desire to help and the amazing, touching response by the people of Tanzania and Kenya. Watch it now!

Learn how you can transform the delivery of health benefits with SKYGEN.