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How Can Vision Insurers Meet Changing Consumer Preferences?

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The vision industry has undergone tremendous change in recent years, creating both options and more decision-making for insurers as they aim to increase member enrollment. Understanding consumer preferences and behaviors regarding vision and dental plans enables more informed decisions about plan changes. 

SKYGEN Provides Insights with PULSE 2023 Report

SKYGEN is helping vision and dental insurers get a clear view into the mind of the consumer with the SKYGEN PULSE 2023 Report. Based on research with 5,000 consumers ages 26 and above across the U.S., PULSE 2023 is a comprehensive study of consumer perceptions about vision and dental insurance coverage. And what consumers have to say is pretty is interesting:

  • 50% of consumers say their vision health falls short of being optimal
  • 43% lack vision insurance
  • About half of consumers currently without vision insurance say they are likely to purchase coverage in the next two years 

These findings suggest that though many consumers are currently choosing to forgo vision insurance, their future behavior could be swayed. Vision insurers have an opportunity to reach more consumers with a persuasive message, and at the same time, evolve their vision plans to attract more members. 

How SKYGEN Can Help

SKYGEN can help vision insurers meet consumers where they are now and stay with them in the future with innovative technologies that: 

Make it easier for consumers to engage and interact with their benefits: Proactive and more frequent care starts with increasing points of access and more regular consumer engagement. SKYGEN’s Member Mobile App can help increase engagement by offering provider location access, online scheduling features and appointment text reminders. Insurers can also push regular communication to members on relevant health and wellness topics with this app. 

Enable tailored experiences: When asked about potential improvements to the buying experience, 40% of consumers said that more choices would make the difference, the top improvement behind lower costs. More choices for eye health can include a variety of eyewear options and vendors, and ability to screen and fill prescriptions online. SKYGEN’s SaaS Integrated Vision Platform offers customizable benefit administration plan development features, enabling vision insurers to refine current plans and develop and launch new products.

Some of the platform’s many features include

  • Automated claims processing with daily payments
  • Network development and management with web-based provider outreach
  • Automated data management and file processing with provider self-verification
  • Material order generation and delivery with automatic claim integration
  • Comprehensive member management, from enrollment to engagement

As consumers continue to shape the specialty benefits landscape, the ability to evolve with their changing preferences will help drive vision plan success. To find out how SKYGEN can help you grow your plan membership, download our latest eBook. Or, contact SKYGEN to speak with one of our vision benefits management experts.

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