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Guest Blog: TeamSmile Mascot Chompers Speaks Up for National Children's Dental Health Month


Hello everyone!

If you’ve ever been to a TeamSmile® day-long dental program for children in need, we’ve met! I’m Chompers, TeamSmile mascot and official party pumper-upper. TeamSmile partners with professional sports teams to create fun dental care experiences that get kids excited about oral health. My referee uniform is a nod to our partners—but don’t let the stripes fool you into thinking I’m a zebra, ‘cuz I’m a horse 🐎❤️.

😁 Why I Love My Job

National Children’s Dental Health Month seems like the perfect time to tell you about what I do. Though I’m a horse of few words, my job is to get the party started! You know that awkward, anxious feeling kids can get with a new experience? I help put them at ease and get engaged with the day’s activities. 

My role at TeamSmile goes beyond horsing around; it's a heartfelt commitment to spreading joy and comfort to children in need as they receive much-needed dental care and education. Though I've never spoken a word, my actions - be it a little dance or a comforting presence - speak volumes. Every event is an opportunity to connect with the children, teach them about good oral health habits, and spark lots of smiles! 

Moments of Fun and Connection

Take, for instance, our 2023 event in Atlanta with the Atlanta Falcons. It was not just about dancing or entertaining (even though I am an amazing dancer); it was about creating a bond. When a little girl helped me brush my teeth, it wasn't just a fun activity, it was a beautiful moment of connection, and of understanding the importance of dental care. 

My mission is to communicate the importance of dental health in a way that resonates with children - through my presence, my gestures, and yes, often busting a move on the dance floor! 🕺 It's about showing kids that taking care of their teeth can be fun and is an integral part of their overall health. And truly, nothing catches kids’ attention like a 10’ horse referee!

Galloping Gratitude That Knows No Bounds

I am immensely thankful to TeamSmile, our supportive sports teams, sponsors, and partners like SKYGEN. Their belief in our mission empowers us to reach more children every day. And to our volunteers - your selflessness and dedication are truly the mane 🐴 drivers of our unbridled success.

Join Our Mission

To everyone reading this (my very first blog!), I invite you to become a part of our journey. As a volunteer, donor, or sponsor, you can help us make a significant impact in the lives of children in need. Visit to learn how you can help.

From My Heart to Yours

And most of all, a HUGE thank you to TeamSmile for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful world of giving and caring. Together, we're not just sharing smiles; we're nurturing hope and health in the hearts of children in need. ❤️

About TeamSmile

TeamSmile collaborates with dental professionals and sports teams to provide vital dental care and dental education to children in need. It's a mission driven by love and compassion. Discover more at,, or


SKYGEN, as a sponsor, helps TeamSmile harness the resources and reach children in need with dental care and positive dental experiences. Their commitment to healthcare is instrumental in our mission. Learn about their work at


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