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Beignets & BizTech: SKYGEN Spotlights the Member Experience at DDPA 2024

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The SKYGEN team had the chance to talk all things member experience while at the same time, we had our own great experience in New Orleans at Delta Dental Partners Association BizTech Connect 2024. But then, Delta Dental companies are expert at building great experiences!

As a long-time Delta Dental Plan Association Listed System Partner, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a growing list of companies in the Delta Dental national network to elevate dental and vision benefits administration. Our SaaS benefits automation platform is the trusted solution they need to reduce spend, increase care, and create excellent member experiences through multi-channel digital engagement.   

The SKYGEN Enterprise System offers many custom features for Delta Dental platforms, including:

  • Centralized SSO (Providers, Members)
  • Support for DDPA compliance data requests
  • Synchronization with the National Provider File (NPF)
  • Member Routing File data transmission
  • Configuration library of ADA dental codes, service categories and benefit plan characteristics

Learn more about why Delta Dental companies choose SKYGEN.

Improving Member Interaction and Connection with Technology 

In our Spotlight Session this year, SKYGEN’s Enterprise Systems Product Management Director Christine Tremblay and SKYGEN Business Development Director Josh Filo shared insights into the consumer trends shaping the future of dental and vision plans. SKYGEN uncovered these trends in our recently published Pulse Report. 

Chris and Josh also shared technology-enabled strategies Delta Dental companies should consider to improve member interactions and satisfaction with their plans. They spoke in-depth on:

  • Actuating intuitive dental and vision plan selection through SKYGEN’s Individual Portal for shopping and enrollment 
  • Enabling seamless benefit utilization through SKYGEN’s Virtual Visit Support and telehealth 2nd Opinion Services
  • Increasing member loyalty and retention through expert administration and the SKYGEN DentalHub™, the first dental provider-driven centralized portal. The DentalHub is built to increase provider and consumer satisfaction while improving operational efficiencies and administration cost.

You can learn more about leveraging innovative technology for growth in our latest eBook, Growing Health Plan Membership Through Better Member Experiences. Download your copy now.

Our thanks go to the Delta Dental Partners Association for another great event. We’re proud to be helping Delta Dental companies become the most efficient and effective healthcare organizations in the country.


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