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Member Mobile App Makes Life Easier for Members and Providers

SKYGEN’s Member Mobile App offers many cool tools members can use to easily access and utilize their dental benefits right from their smartphone, like finding a participating provider located nearby, and tracking dental benefits. However, there’s a basic feature that’s often overlooked in terms of its everyday convenience: the built-in ID card. Here’s a look at some of the many ways this feature makes life easier for members and providers.

The built-in ID card proves members have benefits eligibility at the moment of the visit.

A Better Member Experience

Members can easily present their ID card on their smartphone when they arrive for their visit, and even email it to their provider in advance or during the visit. No more worries about a wallet that was left at home, or a card they couldn’t find. No more waiting for a new or replacement card to arrive in the mail. Members have instant access to their card, so they can start using their benefits right away. 

Members can see who their primary dentist is, and what services are covered and not covered during the visit. With this information in hand, they can ask questions during their visit and get clarification from the office staff. Members can also access benefits eligibility for family members when they register as Head of Household.

For Medicaid members, it’s a game changer. If their enrollment is month-to-month, having a built-in ID card proves they have benefits eligibility on the day of service, which ensures they can see their provider and streamlines the administrative part of their visit. An individual can also access eligibility on behalf of members when they are the Responsible Party for that member.

Added Value for Providers

The built-in ID card also creates convenience for providers. Patients that arrive without their benefits card may not be able to be seen, which leaves a poor impression with the patient and a missed appointment cost for the provider. If patients aren’t sure which insurance they have, or don’t know if their insurance is accepted, office staff can quickly find the answer on the ID card without having to make a phone call. In offices that are short on staff every task or patient interaction that can be simplified like this counts. 

For providers that accept Medicaid patients, the built-in ID helps create administrative efficiency and better patient experiences. Office staff can receive instant access to up-to-date benefits eligibility as well as the patient’s dental home information.

Accessing benefit eligibility information without the hassle of logging into a website, phoning a call center, or waiting for documents to arrive in the mail seems like a small thing, but it makes a big difference. The built-in ID card gives members and providers more control, and helps avoid the last-minute surprises that can derail access to quality dental care.

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If you’d like to learn more about ways to improve member engagement and enhance your dental program with a member mobile app, download our industry analysis for commercial dental or Medicaid dental programs. You can also request a personal demo today.

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