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Insights from the 2022 ADSO Summit

By John Schaak

By: John Schaak

During the last week of March, my team and I had the pleasure of attending the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) 2022 Summit. In addition to the excellent speakers, educational sessions, and fun entertainment, the summit provided an opportunity to network with some truly brilliant industry thought leaders. 

The conversations were enlightening. With thousands of dental payers, each with different rules and processes, DSOs struggle to juggle ever increasing demands of a fractured industry. The DSO leaders I spoke to genuinely want to find a better way to partner with payers (and others who I’ll mention later). Unfortunately the administrative and cost burdens today are often just too much! DSOs are desperate for a solution to will bring the industry together.

I was thrilled by the opportunity to let these DSO leaders know about our soft launch and plans for full launch this spring of SKYGEN’s Dental Hub – the solution DSOs crave. Dental Hub is a new world that brings DSOs, providers, payers and industry partners together in one place. It’s like a virtual public square for the dental industry where all participants – payers, providers, industry partners, patients, and more can add to and leverage value from the broader community – eliminating old, manual processes, establishing new connections, and transforming dental businesses.

adso booth

With Dental Hub, DSOs will be able to eliminate time consuming, manual effort and costs in a variety of processes ranging from credentialing to checking eligibility to getting paid for services. Just imagine, all the things practices need to work with all participating payers in one place! And patients will love how Dental Hub removes the guesswork by eliminating the need for unreliable estimates and replacing it with a real-time treatment plan or claim processing so a DSOs providers can collect the exact amount patients owe at the time of service.  


And these capabilities to streamline insurance interactions and the revenue cycle only scratch the surface of the plans for Dental Hub. In time, Dental Hub will also welcome CE providers, supply vendors, industry partners, and even patients, reuniting this fractured industry and paving the way for more streamlined, equitable, high quality dental care for the masses. 


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Each and every DSO and industry leader with whom I had the pleasure of speaking was excited and wholly supported this important initiative. And I dare say many are chomping at the bit to sign up as soon as we fully launch later this spring! 

In my opinion, the ADSO Summit was a resounding success – historic DSO business challenges have finally found a resolution in the Dental Hub. For me, I walked away inspired and empowered knowing that Dental Hub is indeed as we expected the solution that will bring together a fractured dental industry.

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