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Client Newsletter

Spring 2024 Edition

Welcome to the Spring 2024 Client Newsletter

Payers Look to SKYGEN as a Strategic Partner in Specialty Benefits



And the envelope please... 

The results of SKYGEN’s latest Voice of the Customer survey are in, and we’re pleased to share how the partners we work with think we are doing. This annual survey helps us align to our clients’ needs as we continuously innovate and transform the way specialty benefits are delivered. Three aspects stand out in the 2023 results:


SKYGEN clients consider us to be their strategic partner. According to recent insights into trends shaping health insurance, the escalation of healthcare costs is increasing interest in integrated platforms that offer a combination of healthcare benefits. SKYGEN has been ahead of this trend for a while, enabling payers to integrate dental and vision benefits seamlessly into their medical management systems through APIs and other points of integration. “Being a strategic partner means being proactive in supporting our clients in meeting their business goals,” says Jason Grendahl, SKYGEN’s Chief Client Success Officer. “We’re pleased that so many clients remarked that we are truly helping them achieve success despite the challenging market conditions.”

Overall, SKYGEN clients are happy. The upward trend in SKYGEN’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) continued this past year, reflecting our clients’ satisfaction and supporting long-term relationships with our clients. The flexibility we offer clients transitioning between our SaaS and Third-Party Administration services is key in being there for them as their needs change.

Forty-one percent of SKYGEN clients have been with us for 10+ years, and 32% have been with us for five to nine years. We were really proud to showcase our clients’ leadership and honor their success by presenting SKYGEN Client Partnership Awards to five clients at SKYGEN’s 2023 Summit

SKYGEN clients recognize that we are continuously improving. This is another pleasing but not surprising result given our extensive collaboration with clients in all aspects of our business. Whether it’s the client feedback loop we leverage extensively in our feature development process, or the insights we gain helping clients remain in compliance, we believe the key to success is active listening and close engagement. Our focus extends beyond immediate solutions, aiming for long-term strategic success and growth alongside our clients.

Thank you, SKYGEN clients, for taking the time to provide your honest and thoughtful feedback!

Powering a holistic benefits strategy: Three areas of opportunity 


To address the unique challenge facing benefits brokers and advisors today, Kyle Koltz, SKYGEN chief operating officer, TPA, breaks down the three greatest areas of opportunity to power a holistic benefits strategy:  

  • Address health holistically across medical, dental and vision  
  • Greater communication  
  • Reposition the messaging  


Shaping Dental and Vision Plans for Tomorrow's Consumer


In this pre-recorded live stream we interviewed Christine Tremblay, SKYGEN’s Enterprise Systems Product Management Director, and delved into the evolving landscape of consumer trends, wants, and needs in dental and vision healthcare. This engaging session is based on the findings from the recently published SKYGEN Pulse Report, an in-depth research report conducted in collaboration with Hanover Research.

Key discussion points include:

  • Evolving Consumer Expectations
  • Strategic Implications for Payers
  • Leveraging Technology for Growth


This pre-recorded live stream is a must-watch for industry professionals looking to stay ahead in a rapidly changing environment, offering valuable insights into leveraging consumer trends for strategic advantage.

SKYGEN Summit News That Will Put a Spring in Your Step


We have exciting news to share! The SKYGEN Summit is moving to Spring 2025!

Please update your calendars: The Summit previously scheduled for October 21-23, 2024 is moving to May 19-21, 2025. Join us then in the same warm and sunny Phoenix, AZ area. We’ll also continue with the same popular format of amazing keynotes, industry and solution experts, networking opportunities, and of course, lots of fun!  Let’s take this time together to spring into action and cultivate fresh ideas.

If you joined us for the Summit prior to 2020, you probably remember that originally, it was a springtime event. COVID-era rescheduling changed that, and we’re pleased to return to our original timing. We think Spring is a great time to get together as an industry, and with so many other conferences stacking up in the Fall, we think you’ll agree. We’re excited to nurture our shared success!

Watch for more information in the coming months. We look forward to hosting you at the Spring 2025 SKYGEN Summit!


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