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Seamless Integration through APIs

Q: How can SKYGEN integrate with payers’ business systems to improve functionality?

Mike: We have multiple ways to integrate. We can take pieces of a client's business, say provider data management, and we build on top of our platform with APIs.

Imagine you move provider data management over to the Enterprise System. All the information would be managed there, and our robust set of Enterprise System APIs would allow you to fully manage, insert, read - do all the things with regard to your provider data as if it were on your own system. The outcome would be one small piece of your system now moved to our platform. Once that is running in a steady state, then we take the next piece and continue to do that. Every step of the way our APIs offer the integration between your system and ours to make it seamless, so eventually, as all of the business is migrated.

Maybe you have a corporate customer service application that drives other lines of business, not just the one that you moved to our platform. You can preserve that customer service experience by building that right on top of our APIs to create a single, seamless experience for your users. It’s this benefits management with connectivity to the rest of your business applications that sets us apart.


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