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Powering Transformation Awards

Celebrating our clients' success with the Powering Transformation Awards

When clients employ our innovative solutions to drive efficiencies, reallocate more dollars for better care, or solve big industry challenges through world-class solutions, we rapidly advance the business of healthcare. We're proud to partner with all our clients to deliver meaningful results that challenge the status quo and elevate and transform healthcare for the digital age.


Nominees are clients who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to achieving excellence in one or more of the following areas:


Powering Healthcare


has implemented programs or benefit designs that resulted in reduced operating or benefit costs, better member and provider experiences, or increased the ability to meet changing market dynamics and efficiently scale for business growth.

Powering Healthcare


has used big data analytics to help reduce fraud, waste and abuse while driving the most appropriate and efficient care for members.

Powering Healthcare


has implemented automation technology or solutions that expanded, new or innovative plan designs ensuring market flexibility, scalability or improved collaboration among members and providers.

Powering Healthcare


has used connectivity solutions to help connect members with providers to transact critical business processes, streamline interactions, and increase satisfaction for all stakeholders.

Powering Healthcare


has made a difference in your community or demonstrated the highest level of stewardship by creating new programs and processes to improve the access to care, as well as improve the cost and quality of care for your community and members.

SKYGEN invites you to share your success story by nominating your organization for this excellence award to be presented at the SKYGEN Summit. Winners will receive recognition in various promotional content such as a press release, case study, video of the awards, and more to share your innovative, successful, and forward-thinking accomplishments with the public.

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