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Stand Out in the Medicare Advantage Market

With modern administration and technology solutions from SKYGEN

How can you Stand Out in a crowded Medicare market?

By offering the best specialty benefits experience. SKYGEN’s solutions help you deliver a senior-first experience, efficient administration and technology to elevate your dental and vision programs and help you stay competitive.

Top 5 Challenges and Solutions for Medicare Advantage


Administering Medicare Advantage brings a lot of questions. How do you attract and retain members? What are the right tools for members and providers? How do you balance costs while maintaining a high level of care?

SKYGEN has the solutions you need. With more than 30 years’ experience in specialty benefits, we support more 7 million Medicare Advantage members. We'll partner with you for success.

Serving all your dental and vision

benefits administration and technology needs 

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Maximize the Medicare Advantage Opportunity

with the right partner

The average MA beneficiary can select from 43 different plans. To succeed in this market, you need your dental and vision plans to stand out. SKYGEN can help. 

In our new ebook, we'll show you how you can maximize the MA dental and vision opportunity by:

  • Offering a senior-first experience
  • Attracting and retaining members and brokers
  • Elevating provider networks and quality


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