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News from the week of AUGUST 12, 2022

News from the week of august 1, 2022

  • ECONOMIC OUTLOOK AND EMERGING ISSUES IN DENTISTRY (ADA HPI) – The latest ADA Health Policy Institute economic survey notes patient no shows and cancellations account for most of the unfilled appointments. Staffing issues continue with dental assistants and hygienists remaining difficult to recruit. A new question on benefits revealed that less than half of dentists offer health insurance to their employees, with three in 10 not offering paid leave. Dentist confidence in the overall U.S. economic recovery rebounded slightly last month but remains fairly low.

  • NCQA ADDS NEW HEDIS QUALITY MEASURES TO IMPROVE RACE, GENDER HEALTH EQUITY (Health Payer Intelligence) – Changes to NCQA’s HEDIS quality measures include health equity measures, as well as support for better care for pediatric dental services.

  • WE COULD FIX RURAL PROBLEMS IF WE WEREN'T BUSY JOKING ABOUT THEM (Penn Live) – The broad stereotypes about economically disadvantaged people lacking teeth contains some truth. Pew and other organizations have documented that low-income rural residents and other groups are more likely to suffer from tooth decay and gum disease and are less likely to see a dentist than urban, white and wealthier people. The author delves into these issues and provides recommendations for improvement.

  • THE DENTAL DIVIDE AND THE HEALTH CHASM IT CREATES FOR TOO MANY CHILDREN (Benevis) – A new whitepaper explains how the split between medical and dental care in the U.S. has resulted in health inequities, which contribute to higher instances of disease and other serious health problems, especially for children in low income families. 

  • IHME STUDY SHOWS DRAMATIC VARIATION IN HEALTHCARE SPENDING ACROSS U.S. STATES (PR Newswire) – A study from the University of Washington’s IHME looks at variations in factors in health care spending across different states and finds Medicaid expansion had very little impact on increased spending (household income and consumer prices had a much bigger impact on increases) and helped lower spending for children and helped decrease out of pocket spending.

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