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Take advantage of SKYGEN’s executive expertise and vision for the business of healthcare in the digital age. Our videos, case studies, blog posts and other helpful materials will help you elevate your organization and capture market opportunity.

Ebook: Advancing Oral Health Equity

More than ever, MCOs are having a greater challenge to ensure everyone has access to appropriate dental care and oral health equity. Learn how our automation and flexible strategies can offer greater access to dental care.

Ebook: Transform Your Commercial Dental Business with SaaS

How do you accelerate success in the modern dental industry? With a SaaS dental benefits automation platform. One that's built by a technology partner dedicated to specialty benefits will help you attract new business, control costs, boost engagement and satisfaction, and future-proof your program.

Closing the Gap in Access to Medicaid Dental Care

The recent sharp increases in Medicaid enrollment and maldistribution of dental providers are just two of the factors making it difficult for vulnerable populations, including those in underserved and rural areas, people with disabilities, and children, to get dental care.