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SKYGEN Now Offers Provider Select Suite


Menomonee Falls, Wis., March 30, 2021 – SKYGEN, a leading software as a service (SaaS) provider for dental and vision benefits management and administration, announces today the latest version of their Enterprise System is now available with a new Provider Select Suite, which includes a Rating Tool, Recognition Program, and the Enhanced Find-a-Provider solution for improved member experiences and reduced healthcare costs. Each solution is available stand-alone or bundled together in a suite.

The Provider Select Suite helps dental payers identify and recognize the high-performing providers within their programs. In addition, it aligns the interests of payers, providers, patients, employer groups and state partners in the common goal of providing high quality, appropriate and effective care at lower costs.

The Rating Tool uses configurable criteria to measure and rate providers on the delivery of high quality, appropriate and efficient care. Payers can then use these ratings for any number of purposes, including the creation of value-based reimbursement programs, or any other number of other provider Recognition Programs.

The Recognition Program is customizable to payer goals and can be designed to recognize and reward providers for delivering high-quality and cost-effective care. Recognition and rewards may include preferred provider status, certificates and plaques, Provider Awards, or gainsharing and other value-based reimbursement programs.

The Enhanced Find-a-Provider solution includes enhanced capabilities not found in traditional location-based find-a-provider tools. SKYGEN’s enhanced solution utilizes the configurable criteria from Provider Ratings to direct members to providers with the best overall mix of rating and location. To ensure a seamless member experience, travel tolerance is configurable within the tool in order to prevent unreasonable travel.

“The Provider Select Suite is a real game changer for the dental industry, especially for payers,” said SKYGEN Chief Innovation and Growth Officer, John Schaak. “Our clients will be able to generate significant savings in the cost of care even if they direct just a small percentage of patients to higher performing providers. Everyone wins with our Provider Select Suite; providers are recognized and rewarded for high performance, payers can generate significant cost of care savings and patients will receive the highest quality, most appropriate care, resulting in greater overall satisfaction.”

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