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Advancing Oral Health Equity

Aligning people, processes and technology to support MCOs in providing quality dental care.

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Expanding Access to Quality Dental Care

The pandemic exposed what Medicaid program administrators have known all along – that vulnerable people suffer the most in times of economic stress. Today, due to record Medicaid enrollment, MCOs are having a greater challenge to ensure everyone has access to appropriate dental care and oral health equity. Learn how our automation and flexible strategies can offer greater access to dental care. 

Transforming benefits management and administration

to reduce costs, increase healthcare value and elevate experiences and satisfaction. 


MEDICAID ADMINISTRATION - Payers need to be able to do more with less to win in today’s competitive Medicaid market. We help clients with effective Medicaid claims management, including:

  • Achieving cost and efficiency goals
  • Proactively managing regulatory compliance
  • Engaging more closely with members and providers
  • Offering new innovations, such as our member mobile app.

MEDICARE ADVANTAGE - Stand out in the Medicare market with flexible, creative dental plans that create a senior-forward experience. We'll partner with you to deliver:

  • A member-centric experience for seniors
  • Flexible plan design and configuration
  • Automation that creates efficiency and savings
  • Tools to encourage electronic adoption

Learn how you can transform the delivery of health benefits with SKYGEN.