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Webinar: The Digital Advantage: Five Payer Strategies to Power Dental for the Digital Age.

Technology has advanced the practice of dentistry tremendously over the last 30 years. Yet when it comes to the administration of commercial dental benefits that enables claims to be reimbursed for this groundbreaking care, much of the industry seems to be stuck in the 1980s.

In this presentation, Heather Kane, CEO of Dental at UnitedHealthCare, discusses the macro trends in dental and outlines the compelling call to action for re-engineering the business of dental insurance. Then a panel of experts from SKYGEN USA highlights the five strategies payers should consider to achieve new levels of efficiency, excellence, and engagement as they fundamentally transform their dental business for the digital age, including:

  • Strategy #1: Aim for continuous automation to drive efficiency, scalability, and compliance (presented by Julie Gau, Product Executive, Dental)
  • Strategy #2: Drive digital dominance with on-demand technologies (presented by John Schaak, Chief Operating Officer and Moderator for the webinar)
  • Strategy #3: Engage members and providers to drive better results (presented by Dr. Shirley Spater, Clinical Director of Benefits Management and Cost Containment)
  • Strategy #4: Elevate performance using analytics (presented by Marcel Tetzlaff, Vice President of Provider Experience and Benefits Management)
  • Strategy #5: Leverage industry expertise and limit costs through outsourced services (presented by Kyle Koltz, Vice President of Operations)

Start learning how to drive dental benefit administration success in the digital age. Request to view the webinar today!

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