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Webinar Recap: Powering Stakeholder Connections Key to Better Oral Health


Full member, employer, dentist and payer engagement is essential for oral health outcomes to be realized and the full value of dental benefits to be delivered.

SKYGEN recently partnered with the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP) to share strategies and tools for driving better oral health by building strong engagement along the entire dental stakeholder continuum. Powering connections among dental stakeholders with innovative, technology-enabled solutions can facilitate dentist engagement and improve the patient experience, decrease costs and drive alignment with the Quadruple Aim.

In our webinar we discussed ways data analytics and advances in benefit management technology can be used to facilitate stakeholder engagement across the spectrum and establish paths to better oral health.

Improving Engagement Using Technology-Enabled Solutions and Data Analytics

Though a record high percentage of adults in the U.S. have dental benefits, 50 million working adults haven’t visited the dentist in at least two years.1 Lack of engagement has multiple causes, including members’ lack of knowledge about covered dental benefits, low satisfaction with their plan, concerns about out-of-pocket costs, and anxiety about seeing a dentist.

Payers can drive higher engagement in order to promote better oral health and reduce costs with these technology-enabled strategies:

  • Leverage mobile technology to increase member engagement: Connect with members online and via mobile devices to encourage preventive care and help members understand the importance of oral healthcare for their overall wellbeing. Encourage teledentistry to make dental care more accessible, especially for seniors, those with mobility issues or special needs, and those in remote areas.
  • Employ analytics to increase dentist engagement: Use analytics to identify and recognize high-performing dentists, and raise the bar with under-performing dentists in order to improve quality and reduce costs.
  • Enable electronic transactions and processes: Bring dentists into the digital age with technology that reduces administrative burden and allows them to focus on care while delivering a better patient experience.
  • Implement technology to enable creative dental benefit creation and administration: Support employers in incentivizing preventive care, driving employee satisfaction and reducing costs through technology solutions that enable payers to deliver customized benefit design and plan structure, and efficient plan configuration and administration.

Positioning Stakeholders for Success

Though members, dentists, employers and payers have different perspectives and priorities, the entire spectrum of stakeholders is better served by technology-enabled solutions that put patients at the center of their care. For outcomes to become realized and full value to be delivered, the entire stakeholder continuum must be engaged and positioned for success.


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Learn more about engaging members, dentists and employers in our eBook, "The Digital Advantage: Five Payer Strategies to Power Dental for the Digital Age."


Sources: NADP 2017 Consumer Survey; Guardian Life Insurance Company of America Dental Benefits: A Bridge to Oral Health & Wellness

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